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Goats . . .  Really?????

In all my years I never thought I would end up being a goat farmer. I always thought "They're loud," "They smell," and "They'll eat your house down." Well . . . all of this is true - but they are so much more.


Our first foray into Goatdom was when my daughter wanted to work on the Goat Project in 4H. My first thought was, "Goats, really?" Why not horses, or cattle, or flowers - NO . . goats? But I guess I should be happy that it wasn't pigs.


So we found a momma goat and her doeling on Craigslist. We new nothing about goats. We didn't have fencing set up to keep goats in, we didn't even have a horse trailer at the time to bring them home. So we put Depends on the momma goat and diapers on the baby, loaded them into the back seat of our F150 and headed home.We soon learned that there are few fences a goat can't figure out, that while they don't particulaly enjoy house parts for food - everything else tastes pretty good, and that milking a cow and milking a goat is not the same thing.


But we learned - and they survived all our trials and errors. And today, we have come to believe they are just as wonderous a creature as any other we have on our ranch. They make us laugh, they provide us with wonderful milk (gallons on a daily basis), luxurious soaps and lotions, and enrich our lives just by their simple being.


Oh, but by the way . . . they do still smell. At least the bucks do during rut. And oh what a wonderous smell that is - Ode du Goat - it gets on everything and doesn't wash off until spring (and sometimes not even then)!


Occassionally, we do have goats for sale. If we do, they will be listed here with all their pertinent information.

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