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The Hardway Ranch is located on the eastern plains of Colorado. Here, we try to live a little more simply . . . more self-sustaining. By raising our own cattle, chickens, goats, horses and vegetables, we try to make less of a carbon footprint for future generations to deal with.


Many people have asked us about the name of our ranch - The Hardway Ranch. The name is two-fold.


First, it is in homage to my barrel horse - Hardway Too. He was full of heart and full of try. This is something we try to be everyday in our own lives.


Secondly, the name comes from the fact that nothing has come easy for us. Everything we have was acquired the hard way. We've overcome cancer and numerous health concerns, financial problems, raising a chronically ill child . . .  and we're still here and we're still together. Life has been hard and there have been numerous uphill battles, but we still value family and each other as our greatest treasure.


Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

God never promised a calm passage . . . only a safe landing.

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